The Times / St John’s Ambulance

St John’s Ambulance is training volunteers to administer the CoVid vaccine, alongside NHS workers, and on Monday 11th Jan 2021 they opened the doors to mass vaccination centres across the country. I was in the Excel Centre in East London with the SJA volunteers, and captured Lucy giving Greg, an ambulance worker, the first vaccine. Lucy was also featured in a Times article - and I was delighted to get a mention. The experience of photographing the training centres as well as the first vaccine was incredibly emotional and humbling, NHS workers and volunteers are really made of something else. 

Isle of Dogs review

Alec Soth mentioned in interviews he enjoys people sending him books and zines - in fact he has a box of found pictures he collects from flea markets and random shops. So I sent him a copy of Isle of Dogs and included a Duck Sale Press postcard. I was incredibly surprised to receive this email from him, particularly because I hadn’t included my email - so he must’ve looked it up.

Needles to say, I was grinning for the rest of the weekend. 

Get your copy of Isle of Dogs here.

Isle of Dogs tabloid

I spent the summer of 2020 meeting people in my neighbourhood, asking what they thought of a former slave trader’s statue being removed and how they felt about lockdown. The resulting pictures have been made into a 64 page tabloid, a nod to  West Ferry Printing Works - a former newspaper printing facility on the Island. 

Isle of Dogs was self-published under Duck Sale Press, a photo zine publishing project co-founded with James Moreton and is available to buy here.

Competition: I have photographed three couples for this project, but only shown one  together. The first person to correctly identify the two other couples wins a 8x10in darkroom print. Edit: Koos Henning won the print! 

Thank you to Martin at Photobook Store who very kindly made this video.

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