Canary Wharf Wildlife Photography Comp

The good folks judging the 2017 edition of Canary Wharf Wildlife photography competition thought my Urban Fox was one of the best pictures in their competition, making this is my first award! Thank you very much for the kind words, they’ve certainly pushed me along!

Technical details: Nikon FM2 & 28mm, Ilford HP5 (pushed to 800 ISO), hand developed & scanned on an Epson flatbed.

Canary Wharf Corporation

Overall winner: Letty Clark

The Gate Darkroom 2017 group exhibition

No Maps for What We Know is an exhibition in the Urban Photo Village at UrbanPhotoFest, an annual photographic arts festival focusing on cities and urban spaces. The Urban Photo Village showcases the work of established and emerging artists, in eleven venues located within walking distance of each other, in and around Deptford. An area with a strong sense of community and neighbourhood, Deptford it is another example of London’s ever-changing social landscape. In addition, the village — with its intensive programme of workshops and seminars — creates an active space to encourage discussion, participation and creativity, involving local communities, artists, researchers and people interested in contemporary urban life. 

Urban Photo Fest takes place 10 - 15 November 2017 and the theme is Cartographies. The festival aims to provide an engaging and culturally relevant programme that reflects on visual approaches to contemporary urban life and the image of the city. The programme of events includes the Urban Encounters conference, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, urban walks and portfolio reviews; all of which are overseen by a steering group of lens-media artists and urban researchers. The festival collaborates with a number of international arts and academic institutions, established and emerging artists, urban theorists and researchers. Together their work addresses critical urbanism within its varied and diverse forms, and explores how photography plays an important role in opening up debates about urban change, voice and the condition of the city.

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Mark and Rocket

I’ve known Mark for 10 years and have heard about his beloved Rocket for just as long. Finally got to meet Rocket, though he wasn’t very happy with cameras being pointed at him. A lovely, lively parrot. 

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