Mark and Rocket

I’ve known Mark for 10 years and have heard about his beloved Rocket for just as long. Finally got to meet Rocket, though he wasn’t very happy with cameras being pointed at him. A lovely, lively parrot. 

Art on a Postcard - Photography 2017

One of my New Zealand postboxes is taking part in the Photography on a Postcard raffle & exhibition 2017! A ticket guarantees you a work of art by a photographer - from amateur to established ones: Graciela Magnoni, Nick Turpin, Laia Abril, Martin Parr, Matt Stuart, Dougie Wallace to name but a few - you find out which one on 26th Oct. Proceeds from raffle ticket sales will go to the Hepatitis C Trust, more detail here:

All pictures will be on display in The Printspace, Shoreditch between 13-25 Oct (map here). And you can see the rest of the NZ Postboxes here.

Get your raffle ticket here, good luck! (and if you get mine, please let me know!)

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